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Philosophy of Education

Education is important in the fact that it effects everyone. My philosophy of education includes the belief that education has three important parts: children, parents and teachers.

Children play a significant role in their own education. Children should be making decisions about their classroom and have a voice. They need to be able to influence their education they are receiving because they are the ones that make it happen. But children need to know their limits and it is important they experience the usual consequences for poor decision-making. It is important to remember that all children can learn and deserve to have an equal opportunity to achieve an education.

Parents also play an important role in education. Parents provide the other side to their children's education. What children learn at home is taken with them to school. Parents need to actively participate in their children's education and create a strong parent-teacher relationship. The process of creating a parent-teacher relationship begins by keeping the parents informed. This can be done by weekly or monthly newsletters, phone calls, or just little notes. Also, the parents should feel that they are welcome to visit their child's classroom at anytime. Lastly, if teachers and parents work together and reinforce the learning process, their children will be successful.

Teachers have an obvious and important role in education by providing a positive atmosphere for their students. The use of positive praise provides students with confidence and good self-esteem which will help them achieve in school and through out their life. A positive atmosphere is not the only way to help the students’ self-esteem. As a teacher, it is important to discipline with dignity. Teachers should never put a child down.

As a teacher, my goal is to be creative which will allow my students to be creative. Creative teaching methods provide a variety of teaching techniques that compensate for different learning styles. Being creative is not my only goal; I also want to create strong functional parent-teacher relationships, a positive atmosphere, and a method of discipline that will benefit my students.

In conclusion, children, parents, and teachers need to be partners in education. This partnership will help the children succeed. The success of children is the most important goal for teachers to strive for during their teaching career. Simply put, children need to succeed.

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